Dining Services


Restaurant Style Dining

6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Breakfast items may be ordered at any time.


Special Entrees

A special is offered in addition to regular menu items.



Snacks are available throughout the day with a focus on individual nutritional needs.


Monthly Special Dinners/Holiday Festivities

Families and or guests are invited.


Individual Nutritional Assessments

Dietary department assures accommodation

of special needs diets.


 Rehabilitation and Transitional Dining Rooms

   Functional skills may change, requiring additional assistance and/or assistive devices. Rehabilitative and total-care dining areas and equipment offer appropriate aid for varying levels of need.


Family and Guests

Guests and family members are welcome to dine with their loved one.



We are happy to assist; you can contact us at:


Beadles Nursing Home
916 Noble Street
Alva, Oklahoma 73717


Phone: (580) 327-1274
Email: ajordan@beadlesnh.com


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